Kojima Speaks: MGS Touch

1up.com published some interesting tidbits from this month’s Famitsu magazine regarding Metal Gear Solid Touch for the iPhone, which Konami confirmed earlier this week.

First of all, MGS Touch isn’t being produced by Metal Gear impresario Hideo Kojima. The maestro turned the project over to Yasuyo Watanabe, a newbie creative director who was previously working as Kojima’s chief web designer. This is disappointing, obviously, but Kojima reportedly has a lot of confidence in Watanabe’s design abilities. “She almost never give me any lame ideas during presentations…I thought that her design sense would work perfectly on the iPhone,” he told Famitsu. We also imagine that Kojima, a notorious perfectionist, will still be involved with the game in some capacity, if only to make sure it passes muster.

Secondly, MGS Touch is going to be more about target shooting than the series’ trademark stealth gameplay. “The content is purely MGS4, but the concept was more to create a ‘simple MGS,’ said Kojima. “The development team’s first impression was that MGS has to be all about stealth, but you can’t play a quick game on the train if it’s about that. It’s a little much to ask of someone trying our games for the first time.” This is not unexpected; full MGS gameplay wouldn’t work very well using iPhone controls.

Finally, Kojima wants to start small on the iPhone with MGS Touch and then work his way up to more substantial projects. “This game really is nothing more than an entrance for us. I’d like people unfamiliar with MGS to play it, and maybe develop an interest in MGS4 in the process,” he told Famitsu.

We’ve noticed a major recent uptick in ‘iPhone-gaming-as-marketing-vector’ talk recently, and it sounds like Kojima thinks this is the right attitude to adopt towards the platform right now. We can’t say we blame him, given the dramatically unsettled nature of the App Store–why in the world would Kojima Productions send 18 months and millions of dollars on a full MGS iPhone game right now? It would be a terrible business decision.

We’ll be monitoring this story very closely, and we’ll put up additional details as we hear them.

[from Famitsu via 1up.com]

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