Knights Onrush

Knights Onrush is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Knights Onrush Review

What happens when you take one part Pocket God and one part traditional tower defense gameplay? You get Knights Onrush, a fantastic action-strategy game that takes tried and true gameplay mechanics and molds them into something completely new.

In traditional tower defense games, you defend against hordes of increasingly challenging enemies as they as they rush toward your stronghold. The more baddies you defeat, the more cash you earn, which allows you to upgrade your defenses and keep pace with the enemy’s increasing speed and strength.

Those basics are present here, but instead of setting up turrets along a twisty path leading to your castle, Knights Onrush switches the axis and uses a 2D side-scrolling perspective. In lieu of adding new turrets, you upgrade the castle itself.

Crunchy dragon treats.

The changes don’t end there, though. While you can add boulders and fireballs to hurl, cannons to fire and columns to drop that pummel the hordes (all of which are upgradable), you dispatch them yourself with swipes of the screen. In Pocket God, Stick Wars or Defend Your Castle style, you can drag invading knights into the sky and drop them to a gory death, steal an exploding barrel and blow up an entire battalion and take the enemy’s catapults and drop them on their heads.

There are also sacrificial mechanisms. You can drop knights into a fiery pit or hang them from a hook for a swooping dragon to gobble up. These kills earn sacrificial points, which you’ll need along with gold to access new weapon upgrades.

There are a sufficient number of scenarios in the campaign mode, which can last up to 30 days (rounds), and each features a unique backdrop and upgrade allowances. To top it off, there is the Endless Siege mode, which lets you play as many days as you can survive, and Madness, which throws insane numbers of enemy waves at you at once. The game tracks your score in each mode, but sadly does not post the scores online, at least in this version.

Top all of this off with sharp visuals full of vibrant colors, excellent animation, and a charmingly humorous soundtrack that reminds you that all of this killing and destruction is just in good fun, and you have what is easily the most innovative, addicting and fun variation on the tower defense formula to date. For $4.99, this is not just a steal. It’s one of the best gaming investments you can make for your iPhone.

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