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Klout for iPhone is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Klout for iPhone Brings Social Networking Metrics to iOS

Social networking service Klout has released an official iOS app called Klout for iPhone (original, hey?). Klout is an interesting product that combines activity from other social networking services, runs it through a bunch of algorithms, and assigns a score. These scores can be a good way to measure and track social-network influence. Some people use Klout to brag about their Internet status and others use it as a tool to track the effectiveness of social networking techniques. Then there’s a small subsection of Klout users that have turned the service into a game of its own.

There are many people that question the accuracy of Klout scores and that’s a completely legitimate point. The scores seem to be all over the place, with some people ranked higher or lower than you’d expect. Getting past the initial score, Klout has a lot of tools that can help people and companies track the effectiveness of campaigns and different techniques.

Some people love getting higher Klout scores for no other reason than to have a high Klout score. Think of it as having a high Gamerscore on Xbox Live. It’s kind of neat, but ultimately the points are meaningless. Klout adds a centralized gamification element that some people can’t get enough of.

Then there are the Klout pranksters that love to…play with the system. For example, my friend Shane loves to give me Klout +1s in random topics like lightning, bamboo, and models. For revenge (you know…of the Internet variety), I tell the Klout world that Shane is influential on Hulk Hogan and Richard Simmons.

No matter what type of Klout user you are, it’s great to have a proper iOS client. While it doesn’t have all the features available on the site, it’s good for a quick update on Klout activity.

What do you think of Klout as a service? Is it ridiculous, useful, or both? Are any of you excited to use Klout for iPhone? If you’re a Klout user, feel free to give me — username RPadTV — +1s in videogame-related topics!

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