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Kingdom Rush is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Kingdom Rush Review

Kingdom Rush may have taken its time to hit the iPhone, but for fans of tower defense on the go, the wait is officially worthwhile. The game itself is identical to the iPad version. All the great gameplay elements, levels, units, and monsters are here. The main difference is the zoomed-in view of the map.

Where the iPad version shows you the whole map at once, the iPhone closes in slightly to make tapping on the tiny units more manageable. This means you’ll have to slide the map around to see all of it. While this can make the action slightly more harried on harder levels, it’s a decent compromise and the game is surprisingly playable on the (comparably) tiny iPhone screen. The developers added only a moderate amount of camera zooming, and we would have liked the option to zoom in on the action much more closely.

Tiny explosions.

Possibly due to the minuscule size of the units, it can occasionally take multiple taps to hit the right tower option just so, but there are no game-breaking control issues here. The other minor quibble is this version of Kingdom Rush requires a second purchase of the game, instead of the HD version getting a universal upgrade. On the other hand, the game is only a buck and worth more than that anyway, so it’s hardly a big deal.

While we still prefer the HD version on the iPad, this is a great transition to the smaller screen. Kingdom Rush remains one of, if not the best tower defense game on the market and having it on the go is our idea of a good thing.

Editor’s Note: This review only covers the content exclusive to the iPhone version of this game. For the full game review, click here.

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