Kingdom Conquest 2 Rare Card Giveaway

Are you obesessed with Kingdom Conquest II? Would you love to get your hands on a super rare Dwarf Viking card? If so, read on, because Sega has given us got a boat-load of codes that are sure to up your game. All you have to do is follow the instructions below. But hurry, because they’re first come, first served.

R Dwarf Viking

1. Email us at to request a code. Use the subject line “Kingdom Conquest 2 Code.”

2. Once you receive your code, be sure to log into the World in which you wish to retrieve your card. The card is deposited into the present box of one username on one world. It is not account bound. (You can tap the “World” button from the title screen to choose a different world.)

3. From the in-game menu, tap the “Invite & Code button.


4. From the invite screen, tap the “Input Bonus Code Here” button.


5. From the Bonus Code menu, select “2nd Season Celebration” under “Campaign.”


6. Input the “Bonus Code” and tap “Send” to have the reward sent to your “Present Box.”


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