Kickstarter Hopeful Republique Ups the Ante

With only eight days left to go before their Kickstarter window closes, and over $300,000 in pledges to earn before meeting their goal, the team behind the ambitious game Republique has brought out the big guns. They’ve just announced that Republique’s voice cast will star David Hayter, who provided the voice of Solid Snake, and Jennifer Hale, who you might know as Metroid’s Samus Aran and Mass Effect’s female Commander Shepherd. They’ve got the gamer cred, but will they earn enough pledges to make the game a reality?

For more details on Republique, check out their Kickstarter page, or read our original announcement. It’s a very cool-looking game, and it would be great to see it come to fruition. As far as we’re concerned, the more major, big-budget titles like this that arrive on iOS, the better.

However, gamers already seem to have become a little burned out on Kickstarter projects. When Tim Schaefer’s Double Fine adventure game went over their goal in record time back in February, it was like a floodgate opened, and we’ve been drenched with e-mails about new Kickstarter videogame projects ever since.

Will the folks behind Republique make their goal? We certainly hope so, but the odds seem stacked against them, even with so many talented industry veterans on the team.

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