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KarmaStar First Look

Console and portable game publisher Majesco has carved out a niche for itself with quirky casual and budget titles like Cooking Mama. Sounds like a perfect match for the App Store! Majesco seems to agree, as it’s just announced its first iPhone game, KarmaStar.

According to the press release, KarmaStar is a “light-hearted strategy game that speeds you from birth to old-age over the course of eight turns.” As you live a human life at super speed, you build up five traits (Health, Mind, People, Love, and Money) by making choices and playing “wildcards.”

Here’s a partial feature list/description:

*Boost your traits each turn or gamble by attacking another player. Use your wildcards in clever combinations as you work toward a strategic chain of bonus scores.

*Explore a variety of strategies, from constructive to combative. Like life, the game supports different paths to victory.

*KarmaStar can be played alone or by three players via WiFi.

*Games last about 10 minutes…play a quick game as you’re waiting in line, or join two other friends for a game over coffee. Life passes quickly.

*KarmaStar tracks your Achievements, wins and losses, and career high score.

Inferring from the screenshots, KarmaStar looks like part “choose your own adventure,” part turn-based card game. There’s no word on price yet, but the game is set to launch “at the end of March.”

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