Kamikaze Pigs

Kamikaze Pigs is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Kamikaze Pigs Review

The war against the Pigs is upon us, and they have us greatly outnumbered. Don’t worry, though. These pigs are more likely to fly into a wall than do any real damage. In Kamikaze Pigs, your enemy may not be all that bright, but it’s still up to you and your lightning-quick reflexes to take them down like dominoes.

Kamikaze Pigs is all about chain reactions, using an enemy to take out the next one and the next one. Each level features ground and air troops moving in crazy, frenetic formations. Pigs will be swarming all over your screen, and you’re the only one there to stop them. By tapping on the screen, you fire a missile at your enemy. If you hit one, that pig will then explode, hopefully hitting another pig and so on.

The key to Kamikaze Pigs is learning your enemy. The pigs have several different troops, like helicopters and planes. If you learn how each of these troops reacts to being hit, you can then determine what other troops you can aim them at. For instance, if you hit a plane, it will slowly fall in an arc to the left or the right while shooting its guns. If you hit a tank, the tank will fire off one last blast before exploding.


The other trick to the game is upgrading your arsenal. By completing each level, you earn coins. You can also earn stars by eliminating more enemies or having downed enemies hit a star strategically placed in the level. Stars unlock your upgrades, and coins let you purchase those upgrades. Upgrades might increase your firepower when you tap on the screen, giving you more targets to hit with one tap.

The upgrades might also change how a pig troop dies. For example, you can purchase an upgrade that causes all pig pilots to bail out of their planes as they’re crashing, and they will shoot a few rounds from their rifle as they fall. You need to keep up with these purchases in order to complete the more difficult levels later on.

In each level, you must destroy a certain number of pigs. A progress bar at the bottom of the screen shows how well you’re doing and how close you are to your goal. You need to think each level through, because you typically you only get one shot. If you destroy a multitude of pigs in one blast, you may earn another to deal some additional carnage.


You can earn a total of six stars in each level, either by finding the star hidden in the level or by eliminating every single pig. You don’t need to get any stars to complete the level, but the more stars you have, the more upgrades are available. It also adds some nice replayability later on.

While some levels require a certain amount of finesse, others seem haphazard. In the early levels, you’ll be able to win by pretty much tapping any pig you like. Since the early levels are so easy, the first two worlds can fly by in no time. I would have preferred a little more thought and strategy put into the these stages, but the later levels and the boss battles at the end of each world do need more than a quick trigger finger.

Kamikaze Pigs is a fun, fast-paced game with a great sense of humor. The plethora of unlockable weapons and upgrades will keep you playing for a while, and the tough levels will really keep you thinking.

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