Justice League: Earth’s Final Defense Coming to iOS

Oh–hey, Justice League. How y’all doing?…Good, good. What’s that? You’re going to save the world? Er, well, gesture’s appreciated, but these guys called The Avengers took care of that some weeks ago. Yeah, there was an angry little space god that needed to be dealt with. Aww, don’t start crying. Look, how about an iOS game? Would you like your own iOS game? We can go out for McDonalds afterwards, OK?

Justice League: Earth’s Final Defense is an iOS 3D beat-em-up game that features a handful of familiar faces–some of them happy, some of them grim and brooding. Five of DC’s finest are at your disposal, including Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Superman, and Green Lantern. All five have command of customizable abilities and unlockable outfits.

The big guys (and big gal) aren’t working alone, though. Support Hero Cards featuring other DC characters allow the heroes to bulk up their powers.

Justice League: Earth’s Final Defense should be available sometime next month. Watch the trailer to get a good idea of the game’s graphical style and core mechanics.

[via AppAdvice]

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