Junk Jack Sequel Coming Later This Year

Good news for fans of 2D house building, monster hunting, food making and crafting all manner of ladders: The sequel to Junk Jack is slowly becoming a real thing. On Thursday, Junk Jack creator PixBits posted a huge update about the sequel — currently titled “Junk Jack X” — to their massively popular and just plain fun MineCraftish game. And boy oh boy does this look like it’s going to be an even bigger time-sink then the first.

So what’s new? Here’s a short synopsis of how you’ll be spending those dusk to dawn hours.

First off, the look of the game is going to be different. Enhanced, if you will. Junk Jack X will feature such things like particle effects, parallax scrolling and a new lighting engine. The graphics seem to be less “pixely” as well. All in all, the game is shaping up to look great.



You’ll also be able to customize the look of your character. You can change gender, skin, and hair, so you’re no longer stuck with playing a stumpy-looking miner. You’re also going to be able to equip your character too; you’ll be able to craft items for your head, chest and legs as well as little trinkets for him/her to wear.

One of the biggest changes that’s going to come is the addition of multiplayer. Whether through Gamecenter (for up to two players) or bluetooth (for up to four), you’ll be able to explore, build and fight along with some friends. As multiplayer is more and more becoming an important part of gamers lives, this is huge news for a game based around exploration. Imagine wandering around the massive worlds of Junk Jack while hunting, gathering, and building with a friend. That possibility is staggeringly awesome.


PixBits is also expanding the way crafting will work. There’s the way we’re already used to from the original game, and a new mode for the more casual user that promises to be a more streamlined process.

Junk Jack X isn’t coming out until the end of the year, either third or fourth quarter, so details are still fairly scant and any one of these things could change radically or go away completely. We absolutely loved the first Junk Jack, so we’re super excited about the new game. Stay tuned in the coming months for more info about what has quickly become one of most anticipated games of the year. We’ll start writing up apologies to our loved ones now.

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