Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering.

Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering. is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering Review

There’s a lot to say about Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering. From the very beginning, it’s a fantasy epic. This is a fantasy world we’re all familiar with, full of muscular knights with overly large swords, buxom witches with revealing wardrobes, and monsters that are nothing more than sharp teeth and claws. Big, sweeping cinematic shots will introduce you to the history of this world that has been ravaged by the demon Sovering. It is up to you, the lone hero, to fight against his army and make it to the demon’s home on Rudway Island, to confront and ultimately defeat him.

At the game’s opening, you must choose your warrior. You can pick from a gallery of five characters that fit different play styles, focusing on the offensive or defensive and melee or magical attacks. Choose your character wisely, because this is the warrior you will develop over the next several hours. In RPG fashion, your character will grow stronger and turn into a machine of might or magic. You’ll also find equipment or buy expensive items to make your character a worthy foe of Sovering.

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The concept of the game is simple. You fight in various locations on the map, and each location features a series of monsters or demons. Essentially, you are fighting a very large single file line of baddies, ending with Sovering. These fights will start simple at first, but as your character grows stronger, new and complex elements will add difficulty.

Juggernaut uses turn-based combat for each fight. You and your enemy take turns batting each other around until one remains the victor. During your attack, you will notice three triangles under your opponent. The color of these triangles (red, yellow, or green) determines the line of sight of your enemy. If you attack where your foe is looking, he/she/it will simply block it and take little damage. You select from which direction you attack by either tapping on that particular triangle, or slicing your finger across the screen.

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As the game progresses, you’ll gain the ability to cast magic. Magic spells are cast once you have earned enough mana, which you steal from your opponent. Mana appears as little blue specks of light, which you must capture by tapping them. Once you have enough mana, you can draw a shape on the screen and damage your enemy. Some monsters are immune to certain types of magic, so you would do well to learn many types of magic.

You can also gain rage points, which you then spend to earn various one-time bonuses in battle. Rage, like mana, must be captured by tapping on the screen. Rage appears red, and once you have enough, you can buy bonuses such as increased critical hit ratio or the ability to block the next attack.

Revenge of Sovering can become very busy. Not only must you worry about where and when to attack your opponent, but you will lose time capturing rage and mana. Also, some of your opponent’s attacks will require input on the screen from you to block. In a short amount of time, you must learn to multitask at a rather high level in order to achieve success. At times, this can really add to the frantic feel of the combat, but it doesn’t always feel fun. Constantly tapping for this or that can become a real chore and a frustration.

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Juggernaut is a powerhouse of a game and will only run on newer devices. We played this game on an iPhone 4 and found the game to be sluggish at times. Due to the game’s console-like graphics and many touchscreen inputs, you may find this game works best on the newest devices only.

There’s much more to Juggernaut, but the game is something that really must be experienced. It’s a hardcore game that plays more like a puzzle title than an action or RPG game. Its console-like experience should be applauded, but gamers should be aware that this won’t run on any device. It’s a unique game that isn’t perfect, but we think some gamers might find it a rare delight.

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