Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering Hands-On Preview

You may not have heard of Mail.ru, but they’re Russia’s biggest email provider, and a maker of online casual games. Soon they’re launching Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering, a follow-up to one of their web games and a real juggernaut of an iOS game. Describing it as a freemium spin on Infinity Blade’s single combat wouldn’t be too far off.

You play as one of four knights, called Scorpions, who are trying to liberate an island from the forces of the evil Sovering. You’ll have to battle through 20 different locations, each with a host of monsters, including cobras, wolves, and demons.

You’ll face each enemy individually, and take turns with your attacks. When it’s your turn, you’ll have to time your swipe or button press so that the enemy is looking away. If you attack when they’re ready for you, they’ll block. Meanwhile, you’ll have to tap to pick up magic and fury orbs to activate special attacks. If you just rely on basic attacks, you’ll quickly become overpowered.

Between rounds, you’ll earn bonus experience points, gold, and other items. There are minigames for unlocking treasure chests, and an in-game store for buying better gear and spells. We found that there was a lot to do between fights, with an encouraging sense of progression.

Juggernaut has pretty outstanding visuals, and the simple turn-based combat felt strategic and challenging. We can’t wait to play even more of it. It’ll be available on the App Store as a free download in the next few months.

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