Jazz Gets Screenshots and a Release Date

A couple of months ago, you may recall, we did a Q and A with the developers of a unique-looking platformer called Jazz: Trump’s Journey. They’ve just sent out some new details, screenshots, and a release date: January 19. Read on!

Jazz: Trump’s Journey is a platformer set in New Orleans in the 1920s and inspired by the biography of Louis Armstrong. You play as Trump, a running, jumping, time-stopping jazz musician on a quest to put together a band. Interestingly, as you collect new band members, their instruments are added to the soundtrack. So it starts off with just percussion, then adds a trumpet, and a piano, etc. According to publisher Bulkypix, the game also confronts issues of racism and injustice, which you rarely see in iOS games.

Jazz: Trump’s Journey will be available for iPhone, iPad, and the Mac App Store. For more juicy info, read our developer Q and A. Then start working on your scales, because the game hits the App Store in two weeks.

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