Japanese iPad Case Adds Lithium Polymer Battery, MacBook Pro Looks

Rakuten is selling a unique accessory called the NoteBook Case that’s perfect for iPad owners that often hit the road. This enclosure adds a functional keyboard and a lithium polymer battery in a package that looks similar to a MacBook Pro. It costs 5,980 yen, which is roughly $74. Rakuten is a Buy.com partner, so there’s a chance that this product will be available in other countries in the near future. Check out an additional product shot below.

The NoteBook Case is compatible with the iPad 2 and iPad 2012.

There are a lot of iPad keyboards on the market. There are also a lot of portable USB batteries. The NoteBook Case combines the functionality of both and does it with style. Unfortunately, Rakuten doesn’t list the mAh rating of the battery and only provides a vague charge time of “4 to 5 hours”. Its true usefulness greatly depends on the battery capacity and quality. That said, as someone that works and plays with the iPad on the road, the NoteBook Case looks like a great accessory that combines form and function.

Any of you interested in the NoteBook Case for iPad?

[Via: 9to5 Mac]

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