IUGO Announces Freeballin’

IUGO sent us a note about Freeballin’, a new pinball game that was named by iPhone gamers in a contest (in case you were wondering).

From the press release:

“[Freeballin’ features] endless hours of pinball entertainment spread across four unique, beautifully rendered playfields, including the Jungle and Cityscape themes. Over a half a dozen playfields in total, including boss battles!

Play in three distinct gameplay modes: Score Attack is the classic pinball experience to get the highest score possible with your limited supply of orbs; Time Attack forces the player to get to a target score as quick as possible; and Adventure Challenge has the player collecting artifacts from three different themes with the help of game-changing powerups.”

Sounds like fun. IUGO hasn’t released any further details or media, other than these two teaser images, but they will be showing the game off at GDC later this month. We’ll preview it at that time.

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