Italian Blogs Publish First Dungeon Hunter 3 Screenshots


      Dungeon Hunter 3 hasn’t officially been announced yet, but the first images of the Diablo-esque sequel are already starting to show up online. The Italian game blogs Meladvice and TapPlayer tipped us off to their brand-new images of Dungeon Hunter 3, with at least one freemium-themed surprise.

      Most of the screenshots and concept art are standard Dungeon Hunter material. Like the first two games, Dungeon Hunter 3 appears to be an action-RPG with an isometric viewpoint. What’s different, though, is the user interface at the top of this screen, which seems to show two different types of currency and an in-app store.

      This is a similar interface to what we saw when we played an early build of Six Guns recently, which leads us to think that Dungeon Hunter 3 will also be a freemium game, with optional in-app purchases for items and gold.

      We’ll bring you more information on Dungeon Hunter 3 as we hear about it. Meanwhile, check out Meladvice and TapPlayer for more DH3 screens and art.

      [Via Meladvice and TapPlayer]