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iStunt 2 is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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iStunt 2 Review

Have you ever been on a roller coaster and thought that it felt just a little too safe? That, rather than being belted into a machine that smoothly rides the rails, you’d rather snowboard on the track instead, with nothing between you and bone-crunching death? Then iStunt 2 is for you, because that’s basically what playing the game feels like. It’s a wild, loopy ride, from start to finish.

The gameplay stands out in part because you don’t have all that much control over your snowboarder. For much of the time in the 42 levels included here, you’re just along for the ride. The levels are tightly designed to send you exactly where they want you to go, with hills and valleys that you glide over whether you want to or not. Your input boils down to performing jumps and tricks, and making sure you land board-side down.

Deadly, bro.

It may not sound very interactive, but trust us, it’s all you can do to stay on your feet. It’s also a ton of fun, thanks in large part to the level elements, like speed boosts, crazy jumps, gravity flips, and zero-G sections. If a regular person attempted to tackle these levels in real life, their life would be cut short very quickly. Luckily, your digital stand-in has unlimited lives and can restart from the last checkpoint he passed.

And for players who want to get a little more traction out of the game, you can go back and collect all 10 stars in each level and shoot for leaderboard-topping scores by performing all the flips, tail- and nose-grabs you can pack in. And if even that’s not enough for you, you can replay all the levels in Time Trials mode to compete on time rather than on score.

I didn’t sign up for this…

If we have any complaint about iStunt 2 it’s that, during all the fast-paced madness, you’ll often be expected to flip your character with superhuman speed to keep his snowboard angled toward the snow. Often– especially in the second half of the game– this is downright impossible to do the first time you encounter the obstacles, so expect to replay segments many times before you pass them. Some of this inconvenience could have been avoided, perhaps, if they had allowed for a more precise form of control input than tilt.

But don’t let that small annoyance stop you from downloading this gem. The level designs in iStunt 2 are the star of the show: you’re just along for the ride. iStunt 2 is full of clever and surprising levels that remain exhilerating all the way through. iStunt 2 is a stunner.

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