iPhone User Base Growing Faster Than DS, PSP, Says Analyst

There are two types of analysts in this world: those who make overblown and ultimately misjudged statements that drive web hits (Pachter’s recent “iPod Touch dangerous to gaming” comments spring to mind), and those that stick to the safe, almost obvious observations in order to save face.

Given that the DS has sold over 100 million units worldwide and, though currently on the slide, the PSP has also managed to shift 50 million units, the fact that some now believe that both are now past their peak is hardly surprising. Nevertheless, DFC Intelligence analyst David Cole has decided to state the obvious by proclaiming the iPhone as the new driving force behind handheld game sales, concluding that leading the market doesn’t necessarily equate to growing the market.

“The dedicated portable game systems from companies like Nintendo and Sony are still expected to lead the market, but it appears growth for these devices has peaked,” Cole stated, according to IndustryGamers.com. ‘The platforms from Apple are expected to be responsible for the bulk of market growth over the next few years.’

Now, we’re guessing there are a fair few of you out there who have said as much either in your head, or to your friends, which means you’ll either be nodding in agreement right now, or shaking in frustration due to Cole’s apparent lack of insight. Should we be asking for more from our industry analysts?

It’s pretty much common knowledge that the DS can’t continue selling at its current rate forever, with the handheld breaking sales records all across the globe since launch. And, the PSP Go’s relaunch hasn’t exactly gone to plan, with the format only seeing a slight sales boost, especially when compared to the PS3 Slim’s mammoth debut. The iPhone, in stark contrast, is selling at its fastest rate since launch, and all during the middle of a recession that’s swept across the globe.

When the economy picks up, the future can surely only be brighter, right? Assuming you’ve got enough juice left in your iPhone’s battery, that is.

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