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Forecast of yourself after 10 years is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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iPhone Turns Fortune Teller as Life Predictor Hits App Store

Where will the iPhone be in ten year’s time? It’s the kind of question that regularly gets industry analysts interested, each and every one of these forecasting luminaries all having different opinions on such a wide-scale issue. Truth is, all these commentators have to go on is what has gone before, because nobody can effectively predict the future. Well, apart from the iPhone itself, apparently.

That’s thanks to a new app that’s just popped up on the App Store, which says it can predict just where you’ll be in a decade’s time. Appropriately titled Forecast of Yourself After 10 Years, Acute Entertainment’s app claims to be able to predict your future in terms of your dreams, your money and any love in your life ten years from now, your only input being to answer 15 fairly short questions.

In truth, Forecast of Yourself After 10 Years (that really doesn’t get any easier to say, does it?) sounds a lot like the kind of quick quiz you might find yourself taking on Facebook, albeit with the quirky styling Japanese developers are so good at pouring into their titles.

It’s unlikely many folks will take it all too seriously (it’ll be ten years before anyone finds out whether the app is on the money or not), but it is another title that demonstrates the versatility of the iPhone. The game itself was originally released on touch-panels in family restaurants throughout Japan. You’re not likely to find that kind of entertainment in your nearest Taco Bell, are you?

In another neat touch, Acute Entertainment’s title also acts as something of a life coach, with proverbs that ‘may help you to improve [your life] in ten years’ given away with every session. Presumably said proverbs venture beyond sound advice like remembering to floss daily or checking if the light is green before crossing the street. If not, we might start charging for the most menial of advice ourselves.

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