iPhone Taking Over from Consoles, Claims PlayHaven

While console publishers and developers are now hurtling towards one of their slowest periods of the year– sales, traditionally at least, remaining sluggish until around Easter– their iPhone counterparts are apparently experiencing the opposite, PlayHaven CEO Raymond Lau said recently.

“The week between Christmas and New Years has become the great ‘Game Rush’ for iPhone games– essentially what Black Friday is to brick and mortar retailers,” Lau said in a statement earlier this week. The company revealed data suggesting that iPhone usage in the week between Christmas and New Year was up 28 percent from the same period last year.

“This soaring increase in iPhone game downloads is even more spectacular when you consider the slow holiday sales this year for console game titles,’ he concluded.

The suggestion, if you follow Lau’s line of thinking at least, is that gamers are increasingly turning to their iPhones for their Yuletide yearnings. The tradition of the big console releases stealing all the limelight each year looks like it might gradually be falling from grace.

However, to make such a statement during a festive season when Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has been breaking virtually every sales record known to gamer-kind does sour PlayHaven’s cream somewhat. The likelihood that any iPhone title should see sales on the same scale as Activision’s cash-cow in the near future is a rather slight one indeed.

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