iPhone Set For Big UK Sales As Supermarket Signs Up

In something of an unprecedented move for iPhone, for the first time Apple’s device will soon be available for sale in the world’s third largest global retailer. The UK’s biggest supermarket chain Tesco has won the right to sell iPhones in its stores before Christmas.

It’s a big get for the chain. Tesco’s own mobile network joins the iPhone club before European heavyweights such as Vodafone and T Mobile have even signed up, with Vodafone expected to fall in line after Christmas. Tesco Mobile becomes the third network to offer the iPhone in the UK, behind O2, who previously held exclusive rights to the device, and recent convert Orange.

The Tesco deal promises to deliver the iPhone right into the hands of the mass-market. The supermarket has something of a reputation for being a “loss leader,” selling products below cost in order to secure market share. This could make iPhone the first smartphone to really penetrate the mainstream. Sales are naturally expected to receive a big boost post launch, with the App Store welcoming reams of potential new customers just in time for the holidays.

Though no pricing has yet been announced, it’s expected Tesco will offer contracts at a competitive rate, perhaps even causing rival networks to reevaluate their own pricing strategies. Expect more on this as we hurtle towards Christmas.

[Original story: BBC]

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