iPhone OS 2.2: App Rating Prioritized?

Gizmodo posted an interesting screenshot, supposedly lifted from the iPhone OS 2.2 Beta, that suggests Apple may be getting more serious about gathering user preference data on Apps.

The picture shows Apple’s typical five-star rating scheme displayed as the user deletes an App (JellyCar, in this case). Though it looks like you can opt out of the process, this feature is sure to raise the amount of feedback flowing to the App Store. However, as the Gizmodo post notes, this data may be disproportionately weighted towards the negative end of the scale if it’s only polled upon the App’s deletion.

We’d say that the App Store guys know what they’re doing and have probably already thought of this… but we’re not sure we believe that any more, given the current state of the App Store.

[From Gizmodo via iPhoneHellas and MacRumors.]

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