iPhone on Verizon Rumors Grow

As some of the iPhone’s biggest markets across the globe are opened up to multiple networks, the world’s attention is naturally focused on the States. Many people believe that Apple’s cozy deal with AT&T in iPhone’s biggest market is running out of steam.

Well, that’s what the commentators would have us believe, anyway. The latest talk suggests that rival telecommunications titanic Verizon is being lined up to sell the iPhone at some point in the near future. It’s speculated that Verizon is currently in the process of upgrading its network not only to cope with the launch of the Palm Pre Plus next year, but also to handle iPhone’s business. The sheer amount of money Apple could make on Verizon makes it the most likely candidate to step up to the table.

Such talk also coincides with the news that yet another network has been opened up to the iPhone in the UK. Former market leader Vodafone (which, ironically, was the major player until iPhone came along) is set to launch its own iPhone deals on January 14th. Vodafone will be the fourth network to sell the iPhone on British shores. Canada and France also recently opened up their markets, making the States a touch out of step as a result.

According to The Examiner, however, the U.S. won’t be far behind. Verizon and perhaps even T-Mobile appear to be the most likely networks to benefit. As ever, expect this one to run and run until either Apple or Verizon speak out.

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