iPhone Nano Rumors Percolating: What’s It Mean For Games?

Boy Genius Report has posted an item mentioning a designation for the iPhone Nano on case manufacturer XSKN’s website (the traffic stampede generated by the rumor has partially killed the site, but you can still see the product link).

Opinions seem split on whether this latest revelation is prescient or bogus; Boy Genius notes that case manufacturers have spilled the beans on previous iPhone and iPod model revisions, but Gizmodo doesn’t buy it for precisely that reason. Why would Apple keep feeding XSKN classified info if they keep leaking it?! Unless, of course, that’s the intention all along…

We think that an iPhone Nano is inevitable, but we have a feeling that it’ll be along sometime later this year, after Apple has had a chance to maximize sales of the regular 3G. We’re also not sure if it’ll hit the fabled $100 price-point–that would probably require jettisoning a lot of important features like 3G, the camera, and perhaps even the accelerometers, while probably cutting back on onboard memory and compute power, too. We suppose Apple could also be gearing up to take a bath just to gain marketshare, but that’s never really been their M.O.

We also wonder what a theoretical iPhone Nano portends for iPhone gaming. We can’t imagine that Apple would put out a product that could only run some fraction of the games on the App Store, either because it’s underpowered or missing necessary functions. That would be a logistical and PR nightmare. And what if the Nano has everything it needs to play the entire selection of iPhone games, but the screen is 25% smaller? Nintendo pulled this off when it put out the Game Boy Micro, but that device had buttons; would delicate touch controls work as well if the screen suddenly shrank significantly? Think before you leap, Apple…

[from Boy Genius Report via MacRumors]

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