iPhone Increasing Share of Smartphone Market

Despite the millions of us with an iPhone in our pockets (including those of you reading this story on one of them as we speak) it may surprise you to know that Apple isn’t the world’s leading smartphone manufacturer.

According to a report just published by research firm Strategy Analytics, Apple is currently third in that particular race, behind both BlackBerry’s RIM and everyone’s former favorite, Nokia.

The report, which details smartphone sales during the last financial quarter, claims iPhone accounts for 16 percent of the market, with Finnish manufacturer Nokia way out in front on a whopping 39 percent share.

However, Apple did manage to shift just under 9 million iPhone units globally in the quarter, making it the fastest growing of the three, with sales up an impressive 30 percent based on the same period the previous year. If such a trend were to continue, the gap between the three should narrow quite a bit by the end of 2010.

Speculation that Apple could soon find itself at the very top is further charged by increasing evidence that AT&T’s exclusive iPhone license will soon be at an end. Expectation that Verizon will soon be an official iPhone carrier is causing many to believe that 2010 could be iPhone’s most successful year yet.

[Via Wireless Federation]

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