iPhone Game Played With Actual Helicopter Accessory

There are a million and one cool gadgets shown off every year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, but this amazing app shown off on the very first day of the show is going to be extraordinarily tough to beat.

Bluetooth manufacturer Parrot is showing off its brand new iPhone game that combines sophisticated camera recognition software with a wi-fi-controlled toy helicopter to create an awesome new “augmented reality game.”

Details are still a bit sparse at the moment, and we’ll have to control it for ourselves to know just how cool it is in practice. However, all you need to know is what you see in the video below. You can play this against another person with the helicopter accessory in a sort of simulated dog fight. The missiles are fake, but the aircraft are real.

These aren’t your average $30 Toys ‘R’ Us remote controlled helicopters, though. This is a bona fide quadracopter, and we can only imagine that it’s going to set iPhone gamers back a pretty penny if/when it is available for sale. However, if enough developers create new types of games that support this peripheral (which we’re certainly hoping they do) then this could end up being a great new device.

If nothing else this is truly inspiring us to imagine what might be possible in the future of iPhone gaming. For more videos, just go here.

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