iPhone Game of the Month, November 2010: LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4

After a November that saw a slew of licensed games that were more lackluster than blockbuster, one game managed to exceed our expectations. Our Game of the Month, LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4, is a full DS/PSP port with a dozen hours of gameplay for just five bucks.

Now, we should state that this game is not for everyone– specifically, those with a lower-end device. LEGO Harry Potter only works on the magic of iPod Touch 3rd gen and above, not including those in the 8GB model, and iPhones 3GS and above. But if you’re lucky enough to own a newer device, and have any interest at all in the world of boarding school wizards, LEGO Harry Potter is a Must Have download.

This game tracks Harry and the gang through the first four books/movies of the series. The game expands on some scenes and shrinks others, telling the story through a combination of action/platforming gameplay and wild LEGO cutscenes. The sheer amount of stuff to do in this game, from story missions to collecting unlockables, will entertain you longer than a Harry Potter movie marathon.

Our runner-up is Mushihimesama Bug Panic, another fantastic shooter from Cave. Mushihimesama, or “Insect Princess”, is a twin-stick shooter where you lob bug bombs instead of firing machine guns. A huge supply of levels and incredible, bullet-hell boss battles make this a top-notch shooter for the iPhone. But be warned: This one also requires a high-end device.

This month’s selection of two games that aren’t compatible with all iOS devices marks a possible turning point for iPhone gaming. If you’re looking for some great new games for your lower-end devices, try November’s other Must Have titles like Push Panic, KingdomConquest, Lil’ Pirates, Wackylands Boss, and Baseball Superstars 2011. But if you have a high-end device, you should definitely purchase LEGO Harry Potter and Mushihimesama Bug Panic.

Congratulations to Warner Brothers and Cave for making two incredible iPhone/ iPod Touch games!

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