iPhone Game of Month, May 2010: Ninjatown: Trees of Doom!

When we’re picking our iPhone Game of the Month, we often look for a great story, lots of levels, and tons of gameplay variety. Our pick this month, Ninjatown: Trees of Doom!, doesn’t have any of that. But it is one of the most addictive and attractive high-score games in recent memory.

Based on a line of stuffed toys, Ninjatown: Trees of Doom! was developed by the expert gamesmiths at Venan Entertainment, who brought us February GOTM runner-up Space Miner. Ninjatown is a high-score game where you have to scale two tall trees, avoiding obstacles and enemies.

What makes Ninjatown stand out from the hundreds of other Doodle Jump imitators on the App Store is the charming character design, intricate obstacles, and highly addictive nature. There’s something spectacular about flinging yourself from a tree branch over some deadly purple goo, then grabbing a “mustache ride” past flying devils and catching a brand new view of a bubbling volcano in the background.

Ninjatown: Trees of Doom! isn’t normally the type of game we would expect to become our Game of the Month selection, but when quality and inspiration collide, we feel it should be recognized.

Our runner-up is high-quality, too, but wears its inspiration on its bloodstained sleeve. Zombie Infection is an unapologetic Resident Evil 5 imitator. You control a heavily armed hero who can pinpoint zombie extremities with a laser sight, racing through sun-soaked shanty towns. ZI does manage to surprise, however, with locations like a zombified zoo. Great graphics and natural-feeling controls led us to really enjoy this game, but it still left us waiting for Gameloft to show their originality some more.

Congratulations to Venan Entertainment and Gameloft for creating the top two iPhone games out of hundreds that hit the App Store this month. And for the iPad, check out top picks Dizzypad HD, Dominion HD, Gomi HD, and Saving Private Sheep HD.

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