iPhone Could Hit 10 Million a Quarter

You might think that iPhone sales are only held back by the number of people willing to buy one, but in fact Apple’s mobile is just as hindered by its ability to roll the actual units out to the shop floor.

That’s not to suggest that it’s been selling poorly. But, if reports are to be believed, iPhone’s sales potential is about to soar, as manufacturing of the chips vital to its inner workings are apparently on the rise.

That’s according to DigiTimes, the site quoting a study from the Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute in Taipei that claims deliveries of the chips used in smartphones increased by 31 per cent from spring to summer. What’s more, the study also claims that many of them were headed straight for iPhone units.

If true, it surely can’t be a coincidence that a ramp-up in manufacture has coincided with Apple shaking free of its exclusivity deals in the UK (similar moves having been made in France and Canada). There, units are now available for sale in a broader array of shops, on a wider range of networks.

The study also points to the fact that sales in the last reported quarter-‘“ which topped 7 million– ‘far exceeded expectations’. Its calculations of chip production suggested that in the fourth quarter of 2009 we could see 10 million iPhones sold worldwide.

Such a figure would, of course, be another record, also putting it well ahead of analysts’ estimates of between 8-9 million units sold, but the wider question of Apple’s plans in the United States has also risen out of such talk. Are more chips in production because, as rumor merchants would have us believe, Apple is laying the groundwork to a move away from exclusivity with AT&T at some point next year? Time will tell.

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