iPhone 4 Upgrade Eligibility Update

The iPhone 4 is upon us. Apple and AT&T opened the floodgates this morning at 7am to begin pre-ordering the devices in the U.S., and if you’ve been trying to do so, you’ve no doubt encountered plenty of server errors as their websites struggle to handle the influx of traffic. More significant, though, is that we’ve discovered that more people may be eligible to upgrade right now than previously thought.

My own iPhone 3G contract does not expire until February 11, 2011. Apple and AT&T made an agreement to allow anyone with a contract expiring any time in 2010 to upgrade with a full discount early. And, until today, AT&T confirmed that I was not eligible to upgrade at this time.

As of this morning, though, I am now eligible. That’s right, even though my contract does not expire this year, I can get a 16GB iPhone 4 for $199 or a 32GB for $299. Please note that white iPhone 4s are not available for pre-order at this time.

So, it appears that the 2010 cut-off is not exactly set in stone. If your contract ends sometime in early 2011, it will be worth your while to check if you can upgrade today. The easiest method to bypass all of the website issues is to dial *639# – AT&T will text you your upgrade eligibility status.

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