iPhone 4 Has Double the RAM of iPad

It seems that the iPhone 4 may turn out to be more powerful than the iPad. Both are running Apple’s custom A4 chip, although we do not know at what clock speed it’s running on the iPhone 4 (the iPad is running at 1GHz). Given that, it has been speculated that the iPhone 4 may not be running as fast to better conserve battery life on the smaller handheld with a smaller battery. But what about the RAM? Reports are that it is double what’s on board the iPad.

Although never announced publicly by Apple, the iPad carries inside it 256MB of RAM, which is the same amount inside the iPhone 3GS. For comparison, the iPhone and iPhone 3G both have 128MB of RAM. But now, reports have it that the iPhone 4 has 512MB of RAM. That’s double the amount of memory of the iPad and quadruple the amount on older iPhones.

Apple itself has not made this announcement–and you won’t find these tech specs on its website–but MacRumors.com has heard from Apple officials (in a very hush-hush manner) that this is indeed the case, and this jives with earlier reports from DigiTimes stating the same thing. Could this mean that the iPhone 4 not only has a better screen but is also more powerful than the iPad? Is this why Apple, in an official capacity, is remaining quiet about the whole thing?

[from MacRumors.com]

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