3G S: Who’s Got One?

We’re well aware that our readers are a hardcore bunch. We know many of you are probably in line waiting for an iPhone 3G S as I write this. Well, those of you who weren’t savvy enough to pre-order!

And of course, we’re excited to hear your thoughts on all the new bells and whistles on this new gadget, particularly as it relates to what we know and love the most: Gaming.

The S is for “Sure hope you pre-ordered”

Apple’s boasting that the new iPhone is up to two times faster than the original 3G, features beefier graphics processing and storage up to 32GB (So you can have other apps besides Myst on your iPhone at one time!).

And of course, there’s now a video camera, 3-megapixel still camera, voice control and a handy-dandy compass.

Feel free to share your thoughts on your shiny new toy while the rest of us drool in jealousy. Got any funny (or sad) stories from the line? Let’s hear ’em!

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