iPad Retina Display Apps More Than Five Times Larger Than Predecessors?

Everyone knew that apps for the iPad 2012 would be bigger than their predecessors. After all, the new iPad features double the resolution of the old model. For many “Retina Display” apps, four pixels are taking the place of one. Naturally, art assets for apps optimized for the iPad 2012 take up a lot more space…but how much more? According to a Vietnamese site that already has the new iPad, the new apps can be more than five times larger than the old ones.

Here’s the story from Tinh Te:

These applications are developed by Apple has been upgraded to support the Retina screen, for example with Keynote (iWork software sets), this application previously only 115MB capacity but its latest version is 327MB. Numbers from 109MB or 283MB up to, from 95MB to 269MB Pages, iMovie from 70MB to 404MB.

While larger art assets aren’t solely to blame for the increased app size, they’re arguably the biggest reason. With that in mind, it’s somewhat disappointing that the storage capacities of the new iPads are the same as last year’s models…though it’s not surprising. I’m sure that Apple would love for you to fill up your new iPad’s storage and pay for more iCloud space to make everything more manageable. Funny how that goes….

Hopefully those of you that ordered new iPads snagged the 64GB version.

Any of your surprised by the app size increase? Or do the examples above reflect what you were expecting.

[Via: MacRumors]

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