iPad Hands-On Gameplay Videos

We’ve got our first set of videos from yesterday’s Apple Press Event, so you can see games like Need for Speed Shift, Super Monkey Ball 2, and NOVA played on the big screen. We also take you through a demo of the iPad’s browsing, photo, and other non-game functions.

First up, NOVA. This is not the optimized version that was shown on stage, it’s just a 2x bigger rendering of the exact same iPhone game you can buy now.

Next up, Super Monkey Ball 2. Although the device isn’t as easy to tilt as an iPhone or iPod Touch, it seemed pretty responsive.

We also have Need for Speed Shift. Like NOVA, this was not the iPad-optimized version shown on stage with rear-view mirrors and a shifter.

And finally, a walkthrough of some of the iPad’s other non-gaming features.

For more details on our gaming experience with the iPad, check out our hands-on game preview.

Recently added: Here’s Scrabble!

And here’s physics gem Orbital.

Lastly, we have a wrap-up of all the other games we tried.

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