iPad Games We Can’t Wait to Play

Now that the iPad App Store is up and flowing with games, we have been getting pumped up to get our grubby little hands on them. Here are ten of the games we are most anxious to try out when the device launches tomorrow.

Geometry Wars: Touch for iPad

Ever since the two-stick shooter revolution commenced, we have been waiting for Geometry Wars to show its face on the App Store. The wait is over. This is no port, however. Along with the six modes from previous iterations, Geometry Wars: Touch for iPad has a new mode entitled ‘Titans!’ exclusive to the platform. Needless to say, we can’t wait to start blowing up stuff up in the game.

Scrabble for iPad

We have always thought board games would be perfect for the iPad, and EA’s Scrabble fits the bill perfectly. While likely similar to the iPhone version, this iteration has a killer feature in the form of a free download for the iPhone and iPod Touch: the Scrabble Tile Rack. This allows you to use the smaller device as holder for your tiles and flick them onto the iPad. We think it’s ingenious and hope other board game developers take note.

Flight Control HD

Firemint’s Flight Control invented one of the most popular genres on the App Store, and the iPad version looks like it might crown it the path-drawing king once again. Along with high-definition renderings of the original maps, three larger maps come bundled that take advantage of the larger interface. Those who have 3D glasses can check out a new feature that utilizes 3D technology, which should be neat. If you don’t want to spend $5 on this, you can get Harbor Master HD free of charge. In our opinion, both will likely be worth having.

Real Racing HD

Last year, we gave our first Game of the Year award to Firemint’s Real Racing. The iPad iteration seems likely to impress us once again. Aside from stellar new graphics, you can now skin cars with your own pictures or race against a ghost of your personal best time or the top times of other racers. We will be taking a further look into this speed demon tomorrow.

Plants vs. Zombies HD

If PopCap was able to successfully compress the controls of Plants vs Zombies for the iPhone game, we can’t wait to see what they do with the iPad version. But they didn’t stop there: the new version has an exclusive minigame and a survival mode. PopCap rarely disappoints, so this seems to be a safe purchase.

Warpgate HD

The long wait is over: Freeverse’s Warpgate is finally here. In this mix of commodity trading and space battles, you journey across a vast galaxy. Along the way you pick up quests from other space-goers and board different spacecrafts (and all 172 models look epic). An iPhone version is promised soon, but in our eyes this is a title made for the iPad.

Labyrinth 2 HD

Labyrinth has been around on the iPhone ever since the early days of jailbreaking. The legacy continues with an iPad launch title, offering some of the biggest Labyrinth mazes ever seen. This HD version is compatible with the entire library of user-created levels, plus a new section for larger maps. Bigger is usually better and, provided the controls hold up, that will probably be the case here.


Heading back to the topic of board games, we find BoardBox. This massive collection of 15 board games includes Chess, Checkers, Tic-Tac-Toe, and Reversi, with more to come in free updates. There isn’t any single-player content, but due to the large screen multiplayer is made easy. Stop losing all those tiny pieces and get this convenient collection.

Pocket Legends

Pocket Legends is a 3D dungeon-based MMO with a feel similar to a cartoony World of Warcraft. Three classes, each with their own characters, are available, and you must team up with the other classes to overcome powerful enemies. Oh, and did we mention you can download the game free of charge? With promised “regular content updates”, sounds like a done deal to us for just about any iPad owner.

Zen Bound 2

Finally, we come to the sequel to one of the iPhone’s most calming and engaging gems. Zen Bound 2 features all the original levels, plus a new tree including iconic iPhone characters such as John Gore. Vibrant visuals, a 45-minute soundtrack from Ghost Monkey, and new gameplay modes are on the feature list, all of which spell value to us. If you enjoyed the original, we have few doubts this will be a must-have for you.

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