iPad Game of the Month, September 2010: Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

Since the release of the iPad, we’ve seen a few of the best iPhone games like Plants vs Zombies become the best iPad games, and this month is no exception. For September, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is the clear winner for our iPad Game of the Month.

GTA: CW is a lengthy, sprawling open-world crime game where you play as a gangster’s son who has just arrived in America. Various Triad captains want to rise to power, and they’ve got hijacking and assassination missions for you to help them out. At any point, you can also divert from the main game to make money dealing drugs, or just buy some scratch-off lottery tickets.

On the iPad, the graphics in GTA: CW have been improved. They looked great before, but we were amazed by their increased quality on the larger screen. GTA: CW looks better on the iPad than it has on any other system you can buy it for. This, plus minor additions for the iPad version like pedestrian voices, make GTA: CW the best iPad game of the last month.

For the runner-up, we look to another great game, Ninjatown: Trees of Doom! HD!. In Ninjatown, you play as Wee Ninja from the world of Shawnimals, who is climbing a pair of trees as part of his ninja training. Avoiding a series of timing-based obstacles, you have to make it as far as you can. Ninjatown has an incredible “one more try” addictive factor, and the iPad version looks amazing. For a simple game, you’ll keep coming back to it.

Congratulations to Rockstar Games and Venan Entertainment for making such incredible use of the iPad this month!

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