iPad Game of the Month, October 2010: Cut The Rope HD

We reviewed a lot of Must Have games for the iPhone in October, eventually settling on Game Dev Story as our Game of the Month. Any of those would also be great on your iPad. However, one iPad-specific game stood out above the rest: Cut The Rope HD.

Sitting comfortably on top of the sales charts, Cut The Rope HD is an addictive physics puzzler that has all the charm and replayability of Angry Birds, but with its own unique mechanics. You have to cut a series of ropes to feed candy to an alien, gathering stars along the way for the best possible score.

When we spoke to the developers in a podcast and written interview, they assured us more content is coming soon. Even with “just” 100 levels, this is the best couple bucks you can spend on an iPad game this month.

Our runner-up for iPad Game of the Month is an improved version of the iPhone game we enjoyed earlier this year: Tilt To Live HD. In this entirely tilt-controlled “shooter”, you have to avoid deadly red dots while rushing to pick up retaliatory power-ups. Tilt To Live HD offers more gameplay modes, a bigger arena to run around in, and sharp graphics. All this, on top of an incredible premise and soundtrack.

Congratulations to ZeptoLab and One Man Left for making two amazing iPad games this month! Go pick them up today.

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