iPad Game of the Month, August 2010: Chaos Rings for iPad

Is anyone surprised by this result? Chaos Rings, one of the best games on the iPhone this year, made a splashy debut on the iPad with gorgeous, high-res graphics. It’s pricey, but well worth it, and it’s our pick for iPad Game of the Month.

Chaos Rings for iPad is the definitive version of Square-Enix’s iOS masterpiece. With multiple endings, four playable couples, and interesting, complex combat, it’s the perfect game for any time you have a few dozen hours to kill. RPG fanatics will not be disappointed.

Our runner-up is more about twitchy reflexes than turn-based combat. Snake Galaxy HD is an extremely polished Snake game, where you guide a hungry little line with a voracious appetite over interesting environments like Planet Paris, Denim, and Burger. A mix of Snake and Super Mario Galaxy, this game is incredibly fun, but also incredibly challenging.

Congratulations to Square-Enix (again) and Bulkypix for making the two best iPad games you could buy in August 2010.

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