iPad 2012 Boasts Significantly Larger Battery Than Predecessor

The iPad 2012 is here…if you happen to live in Australia. The wild and crazy guys at iFixit flew to Australia to get the new iPad and take it apart. As expected, it’s full of Samsung, Qualcomm, and Broadcomm parts. Most people were expecting a larger battery to provide power for the iPad 2012’s dense screen and powerful processor, but you might be surprised by the enormous capacity of the new battery. Check out the full details below.

According to iFixit’s iPad 2 teardown, last year’s battery weighed in at 6,930 mAh. The crew discovered that this year’s battery has a capacity of 11,560 mAh. While Apple products generally get lighter and thinner over time, the iPad 2012 is actually seven-percent thicker and eight-percent heavier than its predecessor. Its large battery is a big reason why.

[Via: Boy Genius Report]

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