iOS Gamers Are In Good Company

The Penny Arcade Report posted an article today called “What They Play,” in which journalist Ben Kuchera asked people in the videogame industry what games they play for fun in their free time. Interestingly, of the 10 industry professionals Kuchera asked, half of them named iOS games.

For instance, in his spare time, Ken Levine, the maker of Bioshock Infinite, plays Ascension and Fairway Solitaire (our pick for best game of the year so far). Chris Grant, the editor-in-chief of the recently formed plays Words With Friends, Angry Birds Space and Super Stickman Golf. Tarrnie Williams, president of Roadhouse Interactive, spends his time playing Hero Academy and Coco Loco.

Ken Levine: iOS Gamer.

Why do so many videogame professionals play iOS games? For the same reasons everyone else does. Ken Levine says, “I play a lot of iPhone and iPad games because I come home and I’m about to pass out, I get home at 10 or 11 p.m. and I have dinner, work out, and then go into bed and sit there with an iPad.” Chris Grant says, “iOS titles fill the cracks in the never-ending Sidewalk of Busyness.”

That makes sense. You don’t run a AAA development team or a major website without putting huge amounts of time into your work. People with very little free time simply can’t play every Skyrim- or Mass Effect-sized game that comes out. But they love games, so they spend a few bucks on iOS titles and play them whenever they get the chance.

Of course, none of that would matter if iOS games weren’t good. Thankfully, many of them are very good. And it’s no small feat that in just few short years, the iOS platform has become a major player in the videogame industry. With so many fans in high places in the industry, iOS gaming has nowhere to go but up.

[Via: The Penny Arcade Report]

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