iOS Developer Draws (For) a Crowd on Reddit

We’ve seen a lot of clever attempts to market iOS games, from crazy Youtube trailers to subway station advertisements. Recently, one developer’s enthusiasm to promote his game resulted in a wealth of hilarious illustrations, requested by the readers at

In an “Ask Me Anything” post on Reddit, Jeff Matsuda, Creative Director and Producer of Emmy-winning The Batman animated series, agreed to draw just about anything the Reddit community could think of. The purpose of the post was to promote Matsuda’s new iOS game, Age of Monsters: Rock Paper Scissors, but Reddit’s audience was more interested in Matsuda’s skill at drawing Batman.

Some of the more incredible illustrations Matsuda created for Reddit include Breaking Batman, a mash-up of Batman and Breaking Bad, and an image of Batman and Spock giving a high-five.

We think this kind of creative outreach and fan service deserves recognition, so enjoy the full lineup of artwork here and check out Age of Monsters: Rock Paper Scissors here. It’s a free game to download, and it has excellent artwork and online multiplayer, so give it a try!

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