iOOTP Baseball 2014 Edition

iOOTP Baseball 2014 Edition is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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iOOTP Baseball 2014 Edition Review

As a sports fan, there’s nothing worse to witness than your favorite team’s ownership make move after baffling move. We’ve all been there. You see a bad trade or free agent signing, then start thinking of the moves you could make and how glorious it would be to win it all, all due to your inspired decision making. 

With Out Of The Park Baseball 2014 Edition, you have plenty of opportunities to win it all with one of the 30 Major League Baseball teams. iOOTP can also create a fictional league for you, or you can build a team completely from scratch. There’s no shortage of options, so how you play is completely up to you.


When you’re finally ready to control your team’s destiny, that’s when the real work begins. You’re not only the manager of your major league club, you’re also the general manager. Not only do you get to decide whether to perform a hit and run, but you also get to decide whether or not you want to sign superstar players to multi-year, multi-million dollar contracts, or move players up from the minor leagues when another player gets injured, traded, or leaves via free agency.

It’s here where the game will either suck you in or completely overwhelm you. When iOOTP mentions that you’re in control of everything your ballclub does, it means it.


One thing to make note of is that unlike R.B.I. Baseball, there aren’t any player models to look at, or that many visuals at all. Everything is menu-driven and text-based, so you don’t get to see the action taking place on the field. You will, however, get text-based play-by-play, so you’ll know the results of your decision making, good or bad.

The play-by-play is one of those areas where some sort of sound would’ve been great. The text doesn’t really deliver the same emotion that one would normally feel after pitching themselves out of a bases loaded jam, or hitting a game-winning home run.

When you’re tired of running your dynasty, you can jump right into attempting to change the history of the 1919, 1938, or 2012 baseball seasons. You have the option of picking nine other years through optional in-app purchases. One of the other major changes made to iOOTP 14 is the addition of a player editor. With this, you can tweak the stats of already existing players, or you can insert yourself into the game.


iOOTP is everything a baseball sim fanatic could hope for. Having control of everything your team does on and off the field is as addicting an experience as one could hope for. It may not be for everyone, but we definitely would encourage anyone with an interest in sports or strategy games to give iOOTP 14 a try. You may just end up getting hooked.

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