Introducing GiggleApps, A New Site for Parents of Kids with iDevices

The founders of launched a new website this week called, which caters to parents trying to find the best entertainment and education apps for their kids. Because of the touch and tilt controls, iPhones and iPod Touches are expected to be popular gifts for kids this holiday season. plans on giving parents a resource of reviews and editorials to inform them on which apps to download for their kids. Hint: you probably don’t want to start toddlers off on Doom.

Probably the most surprising new development for iPhone users is how quickly young children take to the device’s intuitive interface. “The first time that really sank in I was with a group of friends, one of them had a two year old daughter. This little girl, unprompted, went over to her mothers purse, pulled out her iPhone, unlocked it and was able to navigate to and run her favorite apps,” says Jeff Scott, founder of “Kids just get the controls, the accelerometers, the touch… and that is why GiggleApps was started: To help parents with these devices find the best stuff for their kids.”

The site currently features reviews drawing attention to the best entertainment, education and expression apps for young children, but promises to eventually provide reviews for children of all ages. Also, the site will move to use the easy to understand O.A.T.S. review system that we use here at Slide To Play. It looks like this holiday season elementary school kids are going to be carrying around Apple devices that are almost as cool as the G.I. Joe lunchbox you carried at that age.

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