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Infinity Field iPad Review

People often look down on clones for their lack of originality. This is a shame, because sometimes clones are better than the games they’re inspired by. This is the case with Infinity Field, which obviously pulls more than just inspiration from Geometry Wars. However, Infinity Field is a much more entertaining and well-rounded package than Geometry Wars: Touch.

Infinity Field is basically what you’d expect from a Geometry Wars clone: You mow down swarms of vector-based enemies with an equally powerful swarm of bullets. Every aspect of the game, like enemy explosions and bomb effects, results in particle effect eye-candy. As CPU-intensive as Infinity Field is, the frame rate never once wavered from silky-smooth.

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In addition to racking up enemy kills with endless waves of bullets, there are plenty of awesome power-ups. Some of our favorites are Bulletstorm, which shoots bullets from every angle of your ship in a spiral motion, and Helper, giving you one of multiple different helper ships.

Infinity Field’s suite of six endless modes is, in a word, superb. Every mode is unique, and some are quite inventive. One that really sticks out as different from the pack is Snake. In this game mode, your weaponless ship has a long tail, the end of which is connected to your ship by a laser. You must maneuver your ship around enemies so that the laser moves over them. There are also several standard modes as well.

What really makes Infinity Field’s endless mode suite stick out from similar games is that it includes a multiplayer component. Here, you and a friend can control ships from either side of the iPad. The goal is to survive longer and achieve more points than your opponent. The game also has a ‘coming soon’ message for multiplayer where each player controls their ship using an iPhone, which would be an improvement on the current system.

Snake? Snake? Snaaaaake!

If there’s a downside, it’s that Infinity Field’s campaign mode is a little bland. It’s basically a romp through level after level where you need to survive for a certain amount of time in order to move onwards. The one difference is that ships can be upgraded as you go along, but there simply isn’t enough depth to make it worth your while. This said, campaign mode is completely optional and purchasing Infinity Field just for the endless mode suite is still a great deal.

Customization in Infinity Field is pretty neat, even if it’s not always practical. For example, you can choose between an array of camera view angles. Another option is to put the heads-up display onto the game itself instead of the classic overlay style.

Oh, and did we mention this game was developed by a 16-year-old? Yep, that’s right: The developer of the best Geometry Wars clone on iPad is still in high school. We may have the next John Carmack here.

Infinity Field is a worthwhile purchase for anyone who loves dual-stick shooters. A wide range of endless modes, beautiful production values, and multiplayer make this the Geometry Wars clone to beat.

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