Infinity Blade: Dungeons Announced, with Trailer

Mike Capps, the president of Epic Games, came onstage at Apple’s press conference this morning to announce a new game called Infinity Blade: Dungeons. It’s a dungeon-crawler with an overhead camera angle, similar to Diablo or the Dungeon Hunter series, plus weapon crafting. You play as an apprentice, and your goal is to craft the ultimate weapon, the Infinity Blade.

The game is designed to show off the new A5X chipset and the uber-dense 2048 x 1536 retina display that will be included in the iPad 3 when it launches on March 16. Mr. Capps said the new iPad has more memory and screen resolution than an Xbox 360 or the PS3.

Unfortunately, that’s all the information we have on Infinity Blade: Dungeons so far, but we’ll keep you posted as we hear more. In the meantime, check out the trailer below, and the photos we managed to snap during the demo to the right. There’s no word yet on a release date yet, aside from “later this year.”

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