Indie iPhone Developers Spoof Edge Controversy

Who said the development community doesn’t have a sense of humor? Following the news that Edge Games is set to take on yet another iPhone title, Killer Edge Racing, several developers have come together to directly taunt Edge Games head Tim Langdell and his trademark claims.

Given it’s Langdell’s assertion that his company has rights over the use of the word “edge” in various forms of media, a collection of independent developers have directly challenged this by changing the names of their games to include the now infamous word. As reported by Touch Arcade, seven games will now come with “edge” somewhere in the title, often with amusing consequences.

Polytron’s Fez, for instance, will now apparently be called “Fedge” when it hits XBLA next year, the follow-up to iPhone puzzler Eliss will be re-titled “Edgeliss”, and forthcoming PC title Closure will be referred to as “Closure: On the EDGE of Reality” from now on.

The winner, we think, has to be Secret Exit’s “LEDGE DISMOUNT”. Company founder Jani Kahrama stated that “millions of downloads of our unstoppable Dismountâ„¢ series of games have brought us to believe in developing games almost as much as trademarking random dictionary entries.”

“In fact, as soon as our next game, LEDGE DISMOUNTâ„¢ is released, we are proud to announce our intention to trademark and patent the concept of Secret Exit in relation of computer entertainment,’ Kahrama continues on the developer’s forum. ‘We look forward to charging plumbers, hedgehogs and other creatures and characters of platform variety a hefty license fee if they wish to pursue departures of clandestine nature.”

Of course, we don’t really expect these new names to stick, now that their point has been made. But doesn’t it make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

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