Blackbeard's Assault

Blackbeard's Assault is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Indie Devs Plotting 5 Fingers Games Bundle

In a heartening piece of news, five of the better indie developers on the App Store are banding together to offer their games in a $4.99 bundle! There’s supposed to be strength in numbers; these guys are putting the old adage to the test, while helping out us gamers at the same time.

The games in question are Up There by Veiled Games, Blackbeard’s Assault by Warhorse Games, Sneezies by Antair Games, BurnBall by IMS, and Chopper by Majic Chopper Software.

These are high-quality games (we rated the first two very highly), and getting all of them for 99 cents apiece is a good deal. We applaud the 5 Fingers Folks for trying out a new strategy, and we think it’s likely to work well. The game’s been dropped off for Apple today, so we should see it on the App Store in the relatively near future.

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