Incipio 1337 Gaming Case Review

Gaming on the iPhone and iPod Touch can be uncomfortable if you have large hands because the devices are small and slippery. If you’ve ever had that problem or simply want to have the latest accessory in the iDevice gaming world, the 1337 gaming case from Incipio should do the trick. It’s currently on sale for $13.99 at Incipio’s website.

The most important factor in a case is its design. Since the 1337 case was built with gaming in mind, it features grips on either side of the case that give your fingers something to wrap around when you’re holding it in landscape mode, much like a console controller. This is especially helpful for accelerometer-based titles like driving games.

It also elevates your thumbs into a more comfortable position for button-based games. By playing with the tip of your thumbs instead of the sides you can both get quicker precision and a better view of the entire screen.

Portrait mode games are a bit more troublesome when played in this case, especially if you generally hold your phone at the base. In this position, wrapping your fingers horizontally around the grip feels awkward. On the other hand, if you hold the device across the center and your hands aren’t huge, then the space between the grips molds well to your hand. Touch games played in portrait mode are fine, and the grips elevate the iPhone a bit when placed on a flat surface.

The iPhone version of the 1337 gaming case also has a perk for photographers. On the top grip is an opening for the camera, designed to block excess glare. After taking some pictures, we can confirm that it does slightly improve the quality. While the 1337 case is certainly not something you would carry in your pocket due to its bulkiness, this extra detail is great.

A flaw in the design is the front overhang. When taking the case on and off, it often hits the mute switch, which can be annoying. Also, trying to flip the switch is tough when the case is on as the slot is located on the side of a grip. Pressing buttons and connecting your iPhone to a charger all work fine, however.

The case is made from thick silicone, making it easy to grip and unlikely to slip around in your grasp. It is also extremely sturdy and fits the phone well. You can purchase the case in a variety of colors, as seen on Incipio’s website.

Packaged with the case come a few extra ‘vanity’ items: a silky screen-cleaning cloth, which is an improvement upon the one that comes packaged with the iPhone, and two screen protectors. We did not apply the latter and cannot comment on their quality, but instructions on how to apply them are included.

Since the vast majority of iPhone games use the landscape mode, some complications with playing in portrait mode don’t cause much of a problem. Don’t buy this expecting to carry it around in your pocket or give you godly gaming skills, but instead as a way to make your gaming experience even more comfortable.

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