IMPOSSIBLE ROAD is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Impossible Road Review

There’s a lot to be said for simplicity and style, and Impossible Road has both in spades. You control a white ball; your goal is to stay on a winding, randomly-generated road for as long as possible. The graphics are sparse and appealing, and the controls feel great. But unlike many endless runners, whose heroes start off moving slowly, Impossible Road kicks into high gear from the start. Impossible is right.

But if you like to face a good challenge head-on, Impossible Road has a lot of fun to offer in a very simple package. The game is a lot like the Rainbow Road levels in Mario Kart, except you have no control over your speed, and you move very fast. The majority of our rounds ended seconds after they started.


The gameplay is all about crossing checkpoint lines. Since the road twists, turns, and dives through a white oblivion, steering your ball across each checkpoint line is very difficult. Often, you’ll careen off the road and rush to get back before you’re timed out. If you cross a checkpoint once you regain traction, all checkpoints you missed instantly tally up. When you die (and you will inevitably die), your score shows how many checkpoint lines you crossed and how many you skipped.

That’s about all there is to Impossible Road: extremely difficult steering to keep a white ball on a crazy blue road. One issue that bugged me occasionally is that the random level designs can be brutal to the point of near impossibility (which, given the game’s title, shouldn’t surprise anyone). Also, the ball is sometimes large on the screen, and can obscure your view of upcoming twists and turns.

Impossible Road certainly isn’t for everyone. But it looks great, has a thumping beat, and plays with tight controls. This is a game that’s all about the leaderboards, and its Game Center integration works just fine. Those looking for a serious challenge need look no further.

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