IMGA 2012 Winners Announced

At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the winners of the International Mobile Gaming Awards have just been announced. Slide To Play was one of this year’s judges, so we’ve added a bit of commentary as to why each game deserved to win. Click ahead to see which games won in the categories of best mobile social game, most innovative, excellence in gameplay, and more!

This year’s IMGA winners are:

Best Casual Game: Sprinkle

Sprinkle is a puzzle game with a thoroughly enjoyable gameplay mechanic– the familiar yet unpredictable nature of water. You have to blast water through a firehose to douse spreading fires. On each level, you are rated based on how much water you use, so casual players can get through the game easily, and then replay it for a better score. It’s also fun to look at, with graphics that we could only call “splashy.”

Best Real World Game: Meatspace Invasion

This game will get you up and moving, shooting aliens as you go about your daily routine. It’s a high-score game that uses your location to populate a map with aliens. Every time you move, you’ll earn more energy to fire weapons or heal allies. The location-based gameplay is very responsive, and the aliens themselves are adorably threatening. Just be sure to look out for traffic as you run around outside with your phone.

Best Sports Game: Touchgrind BMX

Touchgrind BMX is a unique mobile sports game, because it actually feels physically demanding to play. Using two fingers on the screen, you have to twist and flip your bike to perform tricks. The graphics are very realistic, despite the lack of human characters, and each track has many different objectives for you to attempt.

Best Mobile Social Game: Charadium II

Charadium II is an online Pictionary game, but the live element of other players makes all the difference. As you draw each word, you’ll get instant feedback from players, allowing you to change your style on the fly. If you prefer, you can play the game asynchronously in Ping-Pong Mode. Plus, Charadium II will feature the best drawings online, building a larger social community.

Excellence in Gameplay: Infinity Blade II

All of the games in this category are outstanding, but Infinity Blade II is the one blockbuster game with flawless, highly replayable action. The hand-to-hand combat translates perfectly onto your touchscreen, making each enemy encounter feel substantial. New additions for the sequel, like multiple weapon types and magic gems, pushed this fighting game over the top.

Most Innovative Game: Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP

A combination of digital talents, Superbrothers is highly innovative in its use of visuals, gameplay, and music. It’s as much a work of art as nearly any other mobile game available. Whether it’s the soothing soundtrack, low-res pixel art, or evocative exploration and combat, Superbrothers manages to surprise us on every level. The game even makes its storyline innovative by letting you tweet every line of dialogue.

Grand Prix: Infinity Blade II

The IMGA judges’ overall pick is Infinity Blade II, reflecting the incredible praise this game has received from players and critics alike. For your mobile dollar, there’s no better action/adventure experience to be found. We can’t wait to see where the series goes from here.

Honorable Mention: Contre Jour

A special mention has to be made for Contre Jour, which is bring recognized as an exceptional game that just barely fell short of Infinity Blade II. Contre Jour has an elegant silhouette art style, fiendish puzzles, and a spooky atmosphere. It’s the kind of quality gameplay the IMGA judges are happy to recognize.

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